Some interesting facts concerning Topps MLB Series 1 NFTs

Topps MLB Series 1 NFTs are coming on Apr 20th!

We have been sports card collectors all our lives and it thrills us to hear that Topps is bringing out its first set of baseball NFTs to the WAX network.

Here are some interesting facts:

  1. The packs will be pre-minted. This means that the contents on the packs are random mints. This is an alternative way of using pack opening smart contracts to create the NFTs on-chain. All you need to know here is that there is no race to open or purchase packs in order to get lower mint numbers. The cards have been pre-minted on-chain and will be revealed randomly in your inventory as packs are opened.
  2. One other major sports NFT project, NBA Topshot’s supply for Series 1, that beta launched in Q3 2020, is around 700K. MLB on WAX is going to be roughly 2x NBA TopShot at 1.4M cards.
  3. This is not Topps’ first release on WAX. They have launched collectibles for Godzilla which recently dropped, and Garbage Pail Kids starting back in May 2020.
  4. The April 20th launch date is also Don Mattingly’s birthday!
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