New Details on the Topps MLB Series 1 Release April 20 on WAX is starting to gather more data on the sets of the WAX Topps MLB Series 1 release next week.

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Here is what we know so far, based on estimations and research.

Pack Supply and Pricing

Standard Packs

6 cards
$5 each
50,000 packs

Premium Packs

45 cards
$100 each
24,090 packs

2021 Opening Day Packs — These will not be on sale and will most likely be distributed on Mon Apr 19th!

5 cards
Free for email signup (already closed)
10,000 packs

Projected Total Card Supply

Standard Packs — 300,000

Premium Packs — 1,084,050

Opening Day Packs — 50,000

Total Cards — 1,434,050

Physical to Digital Variants

We looked at the Physical 2021 Topps MLB Series 1 Checklist and were able to match up to the best of our abilities the following ESTIMATED numbers. Rounding and other surprise can cause these to change.

Physical: Base/Common
Digital: Common

  • Total Population: 878k
  • Total / Player: 2661

Physical: Gold Foil
Digital: Uncommon

  • Total Population: 290k
  • Total / Player: 881

Physical: Rainbow Foil
Digital: Rare

  • Total Population: 132k
  • Total / Player: 403

Physical: Platinum Signature
Digital: Super Rare

  • Total Population: 26k
  • Total / Player: 80

Physical: Red Signature
Digital: Epic

  • Total Population: 6.7k
  • Total / Player: 20

Physical: Independence Day (76)
Digital: Epic Exclusive #1

  • Total Population: 48k (combined)
  • Total / Player: 76

Physical: Platinum Anniversary (70)
Digital : Epic Exclusive #2

  • Total Population: 48k (combined)
  • Total / Player: 70

Physical: 70th Anniversary
Digital: Legendary Exclusive

  • Total Population: 434
  • Total / Player: 1

Special Promo including burn: 1952 Topps Redux

What we know so far from Topps’ website:

Collectors can “Burn” or trade-in 5 select base cards during a 5-week long event for a chance to receive exclusive Topps® 1952 cards of their favorite modern players! Keep a lookout on social and in the LIVE marketplace for more details!

Each week will feature 10 new players.

Example of one of the 1952 Redux Jumbo pack

Interesting observation we made for the Opening Day packs is that Topps looks to have selected 10 Stars and will be minting 5000 of each.

Check out this Opening Day beauty, one of the first Topps MLB NFT cards to be minted on a blockchain!:

The Juan Soto Opening Day Mint #1!

More to come on MLB!

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