CryptoSlam Value (CSV) — Authoritative pricing for millions of NFTs now available

CSV uses a robust and comprehensive valuation algorithm that provides the most accurate value of your NFTs. Our growing data set enables us to provide accurate, mint-specific values.

At CryptoSlam we are collectors ourselves, and this means we’re always pushing the boundaries in the area where we feel collectors care the most.

We grew up in the “junk wax” era of sports cards and were some of the millions of kids who couldn’t wait for the latest Beckett price guide to be available, so we see how much our cards went up or down in value.

The value associated with the crypto-collectibles we track is something near and dear to our hearts, and we feel the same goes for all collectors looking to value their NFTs.

Not all NFTs are created the same, even if their images might look the same. There are plenty of attributes that collectors and speculators value, such as serial number, mint number, attribute rarities, and many others.

In our pursuit to provide authoritative, token-specific values for every NFT in our rapidly growing database, we‘re proud to introduce and begin our roll-out of:

CSV — CryptoSlam Value.

CSV uses a robust and comprehensive, cross-chain and cross-product valuation algorithm that we believe provides the most accurate value of your NFTs.

In this initial phase, CryptoSlam will be enabled CSV for:

NBA TopShot (Flow)
Topps MLB (WAX)
Hashmasks (Ethereum)
Garbage Pail Kids (WAX)
MLB Champions (Ethereum)
Street Fighter (WAX)
Crypto Twerpz (WAX)
R-Planet (WAX)

with many others soon to follow.

Account/Wallet CryptoSlam Value

You can find the CryptoSlam Value of your entire collection by going to your Owner Page.

Here’s an example:
Getting to your Owner Page is simple!

When you click on the various tabs it will change the context of the graph, along with CSV stats on the right-hand side where you can see:

Owner Rank
Price Change 24h
24h High
24h Low
7d High
7d Low
30d High
30d Low
All-time High
Total NFTs

Marketplace Values

CSV is also shown in the aggregated marketplace section, along with the difference compared to the current list price on the market.

You can buy directly from AtomicHub and other markets without ever leaving CryptoSlam. Simply click on the Current Price to begin your transaction.

CryptoSlam Value — Individual NFTs

When looking at a specific NFT, CSV is now front and center so the collector or investor can track NFT values over 24 hours, 7 days, 30 days, and All Time (since CSV tracking began).

Owner Collection / Detailed CSV View

Go to your any owner collection page to see a detailed list of the CSV for every single NFT in his or her collection.

Moving forward

Expect CSV to be rolled out incrementally over the coming weeks and months for both existing projects and new projects we begin tracking.

You will also see CSV displayed more prominently in other sections and new sections of the website.

Tell us what you think!

We’d love to hear your feedback. Join us in Discord to let us know.

We hope you enjoy CSV!

— CryptoSlam! Team

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