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CSV uses a robust and comprehensive valuation algorithm that provides the most accurate value of your NFTs. Our growing data set enables us to provide accurate, mint-specific values.

At CryptoSlam we are collectors ourselves, and this means we’re always pushing the boundaries in the area where we feel collectors care the most.

We grew up in the “junk wax” era of sports cards and were some of the millions of kids who couldn’t wait for the latest Beckett price guide to be available, so we see how much our cards went up or down in value.

The value associated with the crypto-collectibles we track is something near and dear to our hearts, and we feel the same goes for all collectors looking to value their NFTs.

Not all… is starting to gather more data on the sets of the WAX Topps MLB Series 1 release next week.

See Topps MLB on CryptoSlam!

Here is what we know so far, based on estimations and research.

Pack Supply and Pricing

Standard Packs

6 cards
$5 each
50,000 packs

Premium Packs

45 cards
$100 each
24,090 packs

2021 Opening Day Packs — These will not be on sale and will most likely be distributed on Mon Apr 19th!

5 cards
Free for email signup (already closed)
10,000 packs

Projected Total Card Supply

Standard Packs — 300,000

Premium Packs — 1,084,050

Opening Day Packs — 50,000

Total Cards —…

April 15, 2021

Overland Park, KS — CryptoSlam, an aggregator of NFT collectible data from Ethereum, WAX, and FLOW blockchains, has announced a strategic investment from businessman and entrepreneur Mark Cuban through his VC entity Radical Investments.

“ is the go-to destination for tracking all things NFT — from NBA Top Shot moments to CryptoPunks, Bitcoin Origins, Sorare and so much more,” said Cuban. “CryptoSlam has become the industry leader in tracking transactions for NFTs — from watching in real-time what is being listed and sold on NBA Top Shots to being able to trade your NFTs. And that dominance…

Topps MLB Series 1 NFTs are coming on Apr 20th!

We have been sports card collectors all our lives and it thrills us to hear that Topps is bringing out its first set of baseball NFTs to the WAX network.

Here are some interesting facts:

  1. The packs will be pre-minted. This means that the contents on the packs are random mints. This is an alternative way of using pack opening smart contracts to create the NFTs on-chain. All you need to know here is that there is no race to open or purchase packs in order to get lower mint numbers. …


Doing our best to organize millions of blockchain collectibles.

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